Reading a book at the seaside_IMG_0235.jpgOld Age is a lonely subject.jpgCoffee shop in Agros String of beads_IMG_0094.jpgMemories_IMG_6094.jpg3 bikers.jpgWalking in the sea of Proataras at night_IMG_0199.jpgKid selling souvenirs in Turkey_IMG_0968.jpgGirl in hat at Cavo Greco_IMG_0233.jpgBackgammon and beach volley_IMG_3565.jpgBoy and sea_IMG_6393.jpgNicosia old town girl on bicycle_DSC0745.jpgFather and daughter_IMG_6121.jpgcano split.jpgDrum_IMG_5633.jpgAkamas enjoying the view_DSC0634.jpgindia.jpgGirl and sea_IMG_6394.jpgKids in Cappadokia Turkey_IMG_1037.jpgGirl in white hat.jpgFisherman in Limassol bate_DSC0055.jpgGirl playing with her sand toys_IMG_0362.jpgGirl with head on a ball lieing on the beach_IMG_1346.jpgIce cream boy in Turkey_IMG_1167.jpgBaby in chair_DSC0738.jpgKid bicycle jump_IMG_5167.jpgKid n Mum.jpgKids splashing Limassol_IMG_0525.jpgLady on the peer in Tasucu Turkey_IMG_1222.jpgLorry Bicycles_IMG_3703_f.jpgMake and sell_IMG_1549.jpgLost on the phone_DSC0805 -1.jpgLove in the rocks_IMG_5870_f.jpgMeeting for a chat_DSC0118.jpgMeeting friends_DSC0052.jpgCycling in Nicosia_IMG_6034.jpgMonk in Omodos_DSC0036.jpgMoving_DSC0815 -1.jpgRelaxing on the peer_DSC0002.jpgOld age and passing time_IMG_5072.jpgStreet life in Summer_IMG_5188.jpgOld man in Lefkara_IMG_4430.jpgOld man sitting in Kakopetria_IMG_1187_f.jpgOld Men in Omodos.jpgParanymfoula.jpgOld_Lady_in_Kakopetria.jpgPeace.jpgSad and Tired.jpgSleeping on the peer_IMG_0524.jpgsupporting.jpgSword fighting in street_DSC0777.jpgTaxi waiting_IMG_0957.jpgThirtsy Baby_DSC0121.jpgTime is norrowing_DSC0004 (2).jpgTime is still when young_IMG_1556.jpgtoumpa.jpgYoung girl Enjoying the ice cream_IMG_6125.jpgTwins need a lot of preparation_DSC0018 (2).jpgTwo Old men with canes.jpgWoman in her yard Cyprus_IMG_4685.jpgYoung girl deep thinking_IMG_5076.jpgYoung waitress_IMG_6521.jpg

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